Nowadays with cameras built into our phones we snap a picture of many things that catch our eye everyday. I’ve seen many of my friends and family members try to do challenges where they have to take at least one photo a day and upload it. Inspired by this 365 photo challenge, a developer has created an app called Picture Diary. As the name suggests it’s a way of documenting your year with photos. I’ve been using it for a while now and love the idea.

Just snap a picture and add it to your diary. You can even add previously taken shots to Picture Diary too. If you miss a day you can go back and fill that day in also. When adding pictures just tap the plus icon along the bottom bar then Select or take a Picture. By default, today’s date will be selected but you can use the dropdown option to pick another date. Then just give the entry a title and a description. Hit save and your entry will be added to your diary. There are options for you to rotate the image too if it doesn’t automatically adjust into the correct orientation.

Picture Diary Add/Edit Entry  Picture Diary Add/Edit Entry continued

It’s a simple concept but a good one. You can share pictures in your diary with others too. Picture Diary makes use of the share invocation, so you can share like you would normally.

Many people have often asked the developer for the ability to add more than one photo per day and indeed it was something I looked for when I first used it but then that would defeat the purpose of the app. Being inspired by the 365 photo challenge, it’s a daily diary, so one picture a day makes sense. It makes me chose the best photo to represent the day. If needed, I’ll create a collage of photos and add that to my diary.

Picture Diary also includes the ability to backup and restore your diary so you can take it around with you if you use multiple BlackBerry 10 devices. Your backup stores as a .ZIP file. If you minimize the app, it has an Active Frame that scrolls through your photo entries, too. You can also toggle how the diary will be displayed, i.e. chronologically starting from the earliest entry date or the most recent.

To note, this app was developed by a student who attended one of the Jam Camp events, run by BlackBerry, that occurred last year. You can watch the promotional video made by the developer above.

Picture Diary is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and costs $0.99. It’s a great app if you’re looking to make a photo diary. You don't have to add a photo everyday. Perhaps you can use if for when you go on holiday or just whenever to want to add something to your diary.

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