Documents To Go Updated
Documents To Go is something all BlackBerry users should be aware of by now. With OS every since 4.5, Documents To Go has been preloaded on all devices by RIM. Many users have long since upgraded to the premium version that was offered, while many just chose to keep the basic functioning one on their devices for occasional use. Documents To Go is by no means a cheap application, with the premium version ringing in at $69.99. But for those of you who have seen the advantages of it, you might wanna check out the newly upgraded version 2.0.

The update brings some changes to the table that many users have been asking for such as wireless desktop syncronization and the ability to open password protected Office 2007 files. The only thing that may make you sway from buying it is the fact the upgrade is set at $29.99 alone, which is rather steep considering the cost of getting the premium version alone was over $70. If Documents To Go has been useful to you in the past, you may want to at least check out the free trial that is available and see if it's worth the investment to you.

  • More Information, Downloads And Free Trial Available Via The DataViz Website>>

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