CrackBerry Time   

The battery in my watch died about a year ago so I decided to just retire it to my nightstand drawer.  I'm never out of reach of my BlackBerry so it didn't really bother me nor was it something I spend much time dwelling on.  Last weekend I was up camping on an annual father-son trip we do with some other guys and I began thinking about this no watch situation.  One day while the boys were playing soccer the dad's were sitting abound and I asked if anyone knew the time.  There were about 8 of us around the campsite and the response was unanimous, "my phone is in the car."

At that moment it hit me, how many people use their smartphone or cellphone as their timepiece.  We all know our fearless leader CrackBerry Kevin is a huge (like huge ... HUGE) watch fan. While chatting on the phone with Kevin he admitted that his watch is jewelry and he uses his BlackBerry to tell him the time.

So we're interested in what the CrackBerry Nation has to say. Do you wear a watch, and if you do is it to tell you the time or is it just a piece of jewelry? Cast your vote and let us know, then sound off in the comments!

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