Wireless Charging  

Wireless charging for various devices has been around for quite some time. The Palm Pre had the option and more recently, the Nokia Lumia 920. When thinking BlackBerry however, the PowerMat comes to mind. While it was a good solution, it required a big purchase for both the mat and battery doors to get it working. For most it wasn't the ideal way to charge a device.

Personally I don't mind using my mircoUSB charger or some kind of charging stand for my devices. I'm sure plenty of you wouldn't mind having the ability to wirelessly charge your BlackBerry however. Imagine just putting down your device on a mat of some kind and letting it charge away without thinking about it. 

Would you want wireless charging on a BlackBerry 10 device? Or are you just fine with plugging your device in? Let us know in the poll above, then drop a comment below with your thoughts. 

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