FM Radio  

Sitting through the last two weeks and examing my "hurricane gadgets" (yes, I still have no power), it got me thinking about which I use most and which have the most purpose. One of the things I've stood by is a little AM/FM radio I've had for years. There is a local station here in New Jersey that has kept us extremely well informed throughout the last two weeks, and I'm thankful that I had my radio to keep me in touch. 

What would be better than having a portable radio in an emergency? Having one built into my BlackBerry. Unfortunately the Bold 9900 doesn't have an FM radio feature, but devices like the Curve 9310, 9320 and 9360 all have the option built in. Plug in your headset and you get FM radio action right on your phone. While I never thought I'd used it before, I actually wish I had it during this ordeal.

What we want to know is this: If you have a device with FM radio, do you use it? If not, is it something you want for your device? Pick the option in the poll above that best fits then head to the comments and let us know your reasons.