Fitness Month

With only a little over a week left in Mobile Nations Fitness Month for 2013, we wanted to check in and see how many of you use your phone or tablet to help you meet your fitness goals. For some of you, the concept of using technology -- phones, tablets, WiFi-connected scales, wearable GPS trackers, etc. -- as an aid to better your health and fitness levels may be new. For others, you may have clicked into the Health & Wellness category in BlackBerry World and downloaded an app or two and left it at that. And we're sure a few of you health fiends out there are total gurus at this stuff.

Regardless of the category you fall into, we hope you're enjoying the extra health and fitness related content and encourage you to join the CrackBerry community in the forums where you can win some sweet prizes.

Mobile Nations fitness month week 3: Sleep and relaxation! (Enter to win a FitBit!)
MoNa Fitness Contest Week 3 - Resting MY Way! (Enter to win $100 gift certificate)