When we first started using BlackBerry 10 during out BlackBerry Z10 review period in Toronto, one of our big gripes was with the Text Messages icon and how it worked on BlackBerry 10. Tapping the icon was obviously supposed to bring you to your text messages in the Hub, however there was a bit of a bug in early OS versions.

If you had opened something in the Hub and left it there, then tapped the Text Messages icon, you were brought to the last open item and not your text messages. For example - if you viewed an email where you tapped a link and opened the browser, the email remained open in the Hub. You then jump back to the home screen and receive a text. Tapping the Text Messages icon brought you to that last open email where you then had to back out to see your text - super annoying and not very intuitive. 

In recent updates the bug seems to be fixed and tapping the icon takes you to your text messages regardless of what was open in the Hub. Due to the bug from the start I never really got into using the icon to see my texts though, and I still haven't touched it.

I moved the Text Messages icon to a folder I've created for my unused items and never really questioned it. When I get a text I simply jump to the Hub to view it and call it a day. I think for the most part the icon is there for users that are unfamiliar with BB10 so they have a direct way to get to text messages, while veteran users know they can just jump right to the Hub.

So I'm just curious to know how many of you actually use the Text Message icon on your device? Let us know in the poll below then hit up the comments with your thoughts!