I was having a think about the applications I use most on my BlackBerry the other day when I realized that even though I have Skype installed I never use it. Although we have the Android version of Skype available for BlackBerry 10 users, it is a shame that we didn't ever get a native version, although the Android one does a decent job.

I can remember that prior to Skype being made available for BB10 it was one of those 'must have' apps that was missing from BlackBerry World. Whenever apps were discussed on the CrackBerry podcast or in the forums it was Skype that was always top of the list of missing apps.

And when it did become available the novelty must have worn off pretty fast for me as I can only remember using it a handful of times. Thinking about why I don't use Skype on my BlackBerry I've narrowed the answer down to two reasons. First up is BBM. If my Skype contacts have BBM (which they all can have now) then there's no reason for me to use Skype. I can instant message, phone and video call most of my buddies if I need to. And on the off chance that they don't have BBM, then I use Facebook as it's a reliable messaging source. I realize that Skype power users probably won't agree with me and that's understandable as being able to phone any number with Skype is always going to be cheaper than using a mobile or landline.

Reason number two for me is the fact that it is an Android app. I've always been under the impression that if an app works it doesn't matter if it is a native BlackBerry 10 app or an Android one. I've now realized that I must have been living a lie. If Skype for BlackBerry 10 was a true BB10 app I can't see why I wouldn't have it open most of the time. As well as having the wonderful look and feel of BlackBerry 10, a native app would also allow for more customization of notifications and ringtones which I see a big plus.

So hit up the following poll please and let us know if you're a Skype user on BlackBerry 10? Feel free to sound off with you're own thoughts in the comments.