PIN Message

PIN messaging is one of those features that has been in the BlackBerry OS forever yet not many people know of it and/or use it. Esentially PIN to PIN messaging is like SMS, only you send to another users BlackBerry PIN. Persoanlly I never really understood the need since we have BBM, SMS, email and the like, but I do know some BB users that still use it for one reason or another. With the way things are going with BBM and BBID, it looks like PIN messaging may be on the way out as we work towards BlackBerry 10. BBID pull in everything and ties to your email address, so PIN messaging might be one of the things we start to see less of in the future.

So what say you - do you use PIN messaging on your BlackBerry? Yay or Nay? Never heard of it? Let us know in the poll above then hit up the comments for discussion,