Do you use LinkedIn for BlackBerry and want an update or are you fine with the browser version?   

If you use the professional social media site LinkedIn and own a BlackBerry 7 device, chances are you'll know that the LinkedIn app is not supported on BlackBerry OS 7. While users can still install the LinkedIn app via an OTA link, the app does not function as well as on BlackBerry smartphones with lower operating systems.

So, BlackBerry 7 LinkedIn users are left with the browser version. Not that there is anything wrong with the browser version since they updated it; it certainly functions a lot better than the app. I'm pretty sure though, most users would prefer an app. I, for one, would like to see an update to the app, it certainly is looking dated. 

We would like to know how many of you use LinkedIn and would like to see the app updated on the platform where 'People Do'. Would you campaign for an update? Are you fine with using the mobile browser version? Let us know.

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