CB Mobile  

The BlackBerry PlayBook is a great tablet for browsing the web. I find myself using it as my "couch computer" more often than not for quickly checking out web sites as opposed to firing up my latop. I like it because I can get the full browser experience in a small package, and usually have no trouble loading up full sites. I know however that some users much prefer to view mobile versions of their favorite sites instead of a full site. This could be for various reasons like load times, navigation or what have you. So I'm curious to know just how many of you choose a mobile version of a web site over the full version when using your PlayBook. Think of sites like Facebook, Twitter, ESPN and the like (obviously if a mobile version isn't available you'll use the full site). Let us know in the poll above what your preference is (Mobile if you visit mobile sites more often than full, or Full if you stick to full sites) then drop a comment below letting us know why you do what you do.

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