I have been an on and off fan when it comes to cases on my devices. With my BlackBerry Bold 9900 I went through quite a few before I just went totally caseless. I feel that after a while when the device isn't as new, I'm fine with showing off its natural beauty and not so much worried about dropping it. 

On my BlackBerry Z10 I've gone through the same process. I've tried everything from the OtterBox Defender to the Poetic Atmosphere to the Mobi Products Hard Shell. At the moment I'm working with a simple Phantom Skinz Chromatic in CrackBerry orange, but I fear that too may be coming off in a day or two. 

The Z10 has a great design and a great feel - covering it up with a case takes away from that - and for me it's worth the risk of dropping it and having it banged up (I've dropped it twice already with minimal damage). Granted this is just my opinion, but I know many others who are in the same boat.

So we're curious to know just how many of you use a case on your Z10 and how many just go naked. Let us know in the poll below then give us your reasons for what you do in the comments. 

Of course if you do go the case route, you know where to find them.