Last week we asked how many of you use the Text Messages icon on BlackBerry 10 and today we're running down the same line with another pop quiz. I realized the other day that I've really never used the actual camera icon on either my Z10 or Q10. I have it buried in my media folder and have kept it there since the start. When I want to snap a photo I just tap the quick icon on the homescreen to open up the camera. 

On my old devices I used to set a convenience key to open the camera (man I miss those keys!) but I still kept the icon on my screen and found myself tapping it from time to time. On BlackBerry 10 however, I find it erroneous to have both the camera app icon and the quick icon on the screen at the same time.

So what say you CrackBerry readers? Do you use the actual Camera app icon or do you just tap the quick icon to launch the camera? Drop your answer here and hit up the comments!