Remember app

One of the main things I use my BlackBerry 10 smartphone for is keeping me organized - although nothing can help me some days! Recently I was swiping through my app pages when I saw the Remember app and I realized that I don't use it. That got me thinking why I choose not to use it, bearing in mind that it is pretty awesome with its integration into so many parts of the OS.

There are a bunch of third party apps for making notes and lists (such as Stuff I Need and Lazy Lists) and that would normally be what I would use Remember for. I realize that the Remember app does so much more - including Evernote syncing, photo attachments and email flagging just to name a few, but for some reason I always go down the third party route.

I don't really know why. I like the features that the Remember app has to offer and it's user interface is pretty nice on the eye but still I never use it. It's maybe possible that I like to keep different things in different apps - which may sound odd as Remember would cater for all my needs. I also tend to use the calendar application on my BlackBerry for reminders so I suppose that eliminates the need to have a note in Remember with a due date.

Anyway, that's enough about me - but I'm curious to see if I am on my own here or do other BlackBerry 10 users not use the app and prefer a different choice. Hit up the options below if you would be so kind?