Mr. Met  

We had a video clip sent in earlier today (see it after the break) and it sparked a bit of conversation at CrackBerry HQ. Seen in the video is Arlene Dickinson (of Canada's Dragons Den) on the show George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight. A few minutes into the interview Arlene, talking a bit about innovation, comments on how she hates "when people slam RIM" and asks "why don't we support it, it's Canadian?". From here the two relate the tech/business industry to professional sports, in that it's all about 24/7 headlines and constant scrutiny.

When you think about it, it really does makes sense. As tech fans/geeks/lovers we constantly seek out stories and information about our favorite (or least favorite) companies. There are supporters and non-supporters, so much like arguing about your favorite sports team, we are quick to bash companies we hate while praising the ones we love - no matter how they are seen to the general public.

For example - I'm a Mets fan and a BlackBerry lover. I'll admit the Mets aren't the greatest, but I show my support for them no matter what. They've had some crappy seasons as of late, but I'm a fan and I vow to stick by them in hopes they'll come out on top. Same goes for RIM - I love my BlackBerry, and through ups and downs, I stick with it. While others are quick to bash RIM for whatever reason of the day, I see the good and don't jump to any conclusions. Obviously Kevin is BlackBerry Fanboy #1 (with the future Mrs. CrackBerry by his side) and will fight for RIM no matter what as well. We know they've been struggling, but as Arlene says here, they have the finances and are still moving forward, so why shouldn't we support them? 

So what we want to know is - do you get upset when people bash companies? I understand if you own stock in a certain company it sort of earns you the right to complain -- to an extent -- but what about your average Job? Let us know what you think in the poll above, then sound off in the comments. Keep reading for the full interview with Arlene Dickinson.

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