BlackBerry App World  

BlackBerry App World has been the go-to store on BlackBerry for apps and games for over three years now. As we move forward to BlackBerry 10, things get even better as App World will introduce both movies and music into the mix as well. Previously we were offered with various music and movie options, however they were split from App World, making for a poor user experience. In BlackBerry 10, the redesigned store will have apps, games, movies and music all in one place - making for a great experience, all tying into one BlackBerry ID.

With the new additions, the BlackBerry App World name doesn't quite seem to fit anymore. It's hard to imagine that RIM will change it up since the name and brand are so strong at this point, but do you think that it should be renamed for BlackBerry 10? Maybe just BlackBerry World? BlackBerry All Store? BlackBerry Media World?

Let us know in the poll above what you think, then drop a comment telling us know why you chose what you did. Thanks @pelletium!

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