Last week at BlackBerry Live is was announced that BBM will finally be going cross-platform this summer. Android and iOS users will soon be able to get in on the best messaging service around and easily keep in touch with their BlackBerry friends. At first it will just be straight-up messaging, but soon to follow will be full features like BBM Voice and BBM Video.

We've seen arguments both for and against cross-platform over the years. Some argue that it's a bad move for BlackBerry, while others think it's a great move for many reasons. Whatever your stance, it's going to happen in just a few months, so only time will tell.

Nearly two years ago we asked you if BBM needed to go cross-platform. Out of all the votes, an amazing 71% of you said that yes, BBM should indeed be available to everyone. Only around 25% said it was a bad idea, while almost 4% were undecided. 

Now that it's been announced for real we want to know your thoughts again. BBM is going cross platform soon - we can't change that. What we want to know is if you think cross-platform BBM is a good idea or not? Let us know in the poll below then sound off in the comments.