The name Fonware is synonymous for shortcuts. It’s true! With well known applications such as; ShortcutMe, MediaKeyBooster and MyOwnIcons, practically anything you can push or press can potentially be a shortcut to an application, a contact or an URL. Shortcuts can only increase your performance and productivity if it can execute the command flawlessly. These apps do, and the newest addition, called MyOwnHotkeys is definitely no exception. Imagine setting up to 4 shortcuts for the each letter on your keyboard plus the space key. So, for example, you can press A once for Twitter for BlackBerry, twice for the Browser (in case you wanted to check out, three times for the music player and four for Foursquare. Keep reading to learn more about MyOwnHotkeys. 

In order to start using the application, I needed to disable the Universal Search feature while enabling the Application Shortcuts feature. Of course, you can find this by accessing the options menu from the home screen. Now I wanted to get the one annoying thing about this application out of the way. After installation, your menu will be suddenly filled with an icon for each and every single letter in the alphabet and a plus sign for the space key. Luckily, we know how to hide icons! Regardless, I do understand why these were included. It allows you to click on an icon to generate a popup, in order to access the shortcuts you chose, as well as to access the setup screen for the selected letter. If you use the trackpad, it turns off the auto launch timer. There is another icon for managing the MyOwnHotkeys application in its entirety.

Now what I did like about MyOwnHotkeys is the fact that it doesn’t affect the ability to assign speed dials to the same keys. So, to be honest, I would forgo setting contacts as shortcuts. Applications of this nature should be one of the first downloads you need to choose. It will obviously boost your efficiency, just so long as you remember where you assigned your shortcuts to. Not only can you set these shortcuts but, if you have the ShortcutMe application enabled, you can also create a shortcut from ShortcutMe macros. That means you can accomplish a task, such as creating a calendar entry and inviting specific attendees with a click of a letter. You can grab MyOwnHotkeys for $2.99 from BlackBerry App World. If you want to access functions and commands much more quickly, you need to take a look at MyOwnHotkeys.

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