With the latest BlackBerry 10 devices one of the big selling points is that they are LTE devices. While I've never really cared too much about how fast my data is as long as it's "fast enough", having LTE does make a big difference for some users. I actually don't have LTE service in my area but a few towns around me do, though I've never really noticed such a huge difference that makes me wish I had LTE coverage more often.

I've tested out BlackBerry 10 devices on Verizon and AT&T where I live and I've never really had too many issues are far as speed goes. Coverage is great for all carriers here for the most part and more often than not I'm somewhere (usually home) where I'm just cruising on Wi-Fi anyway. 

A thread popped up in the forums that got me wondering just how many people actually get LTE service in their area and also if it really matters all that much. I suppose it depends partly on how you use your device - if you're constantly streaming media, browsing the net or using your device as a hotspot you'll obviously want the fastest speeds you can get. 

So for me the answer is no, having LTE service doesn't really matter. For others, LTE is all or nothing. So what we want to know is do you care about LTE? 

Do you have LTE coverage where you live? What are your speeds like with or without LTE? Hit up the poll below with your answer then lay it down in the comments. 

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