Phone Locked  

Yes, this is kind of a random question, but I really want to know if I'm along in not letting people use my phone. If you didn't already know, I twlight behing a bar twice a week, and I constantly have customers asking if they can use my phone for a "quick call". My answer is always no, but often times my guilty-conscience gets the best of me and I'll give in. While I do have certain people (my wife, family etc) that I'll allow to use my phone, I really try to keep a handle on it and not lend it out to just anyone.

Back in the good ol' days when phones were just for calling I was more prone to let other people use it, but now that people can get on the web, check out your photos, play a game or whatever -- it's a bit more shady to just hand it over. I know that when I get my hands on a BlackBerry 10 phone I'll most certainly not let it out of my sight, let alone have someone "borrow" it. 

So do you let other people use your BlackBerry? Let us know in the poll above, then sound off in the comments!