BlackBerry Bridge  

BlackBerry Bridge is one of the big selling points of the BlackBerry PlayBook. It allows you to pair up your BlackBerry smartphone so you can securely access your contacts, emails, BBM and calendar. This is especially handy since the PlayBook still doesn't have any native versions of these apps on its own. Many users keep their devices bridged all day long so they have the ability to access these apps on either their phone or tablet.

Personally I don't keep my PlayBook bridged much at all. At times when I'm relaxing on the couch I'll pair up my devices and use the PlayBook for everything, but most times I am either in front of my computer or just use my device for my PIM apps. What we want to know is if you keep your devices bridged all day long or if you only do it at certain times. Pick the option in the poll above that best fits you, then leave a comment below letting us know what works for you.

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