Bold Battery

I came across this post from our good friend Al Sacco yesterday, and it got me thinking a bit. BlackBerry 10 is heading our way soon and there are lots of questions left unanswered. In just a few days, eager developers will get their hands on the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha prototype device during BlackBerry Jam, and while we've been reassured it's not a final production unit by any means, it will give some sense of what is in store for BlackBerry 10.

One thing I love about my BlackBerry is that it has a removable battery. I like that I can charge up 2 or 3 spares when I'm on the go (at BlackBerry World for example) and easily swap out a new one instead of having to plug in to charge. I know many of you feel the same, but with devices like the iPhone, Droid 4, HTC One X and plenty of others heading the way of non-removable batteries, it leaves us wondering if BlackBerry 10 will do the same? BlackBerry 10 devices will be modeled after the BlackBerry PlayBook which itself has no removable battery.

So what we want to know is if you'll still want to use a BlackBerry 10 device with a permanent battery. I say if the battery life is good awesome then I have no problem, but if I have to constantly plug in my device during the day, it may be more than a bit frustrating. Let us know in the poll above, then hit up the comments for more.