With all of the great promos BlackBerry is having leading up to the holidays, many users are grabbing some awesome movies at steep discounts. A slew of titles were knocked down on Black Friday and BlackBerry is continuing their promotion with the $.99 Winter Sale. There are some great movies available on the cheap, making it easy for users to add some titles to their media library. 

I've personally never been one to buy too many new movies on my device as I don't really watch them frequently, but I did grab a few this past week. We're curious to know just how many of you actually buy movies from BlackBerry World though. I'm sure that many love the convenience of a few taps on the device to get your movie fix while others may go with alternative methods (whatever they may be).

Drop your vote in the poll below letting us know if you do or don't buy movies from BlackBerry World, then hit up the comments and let us know why you do what you do.