The all-in-one utility application for Pebble and BlackBerry 10, Smart Watch Companion, also known as SWC, released an update that not only offered a few bug fixes and UI tweaks but also a brand new watch face to go with it.

Available to download from within the application, BlackBerry users can install using Talk2Watch Pro. The watch face fetches the following information from Smart Watch Companion to be more convenient.

  • Retrieve SWC weather from the Pebble - graphics update on watch app
  • Retrieve SWC Stock Quote from the Pebble
  • Retrieve CrackBerry, BBC, and Custom RSS news from the Pebble
  • Retrieve Google Authenticator codes from the Pebble
  • Retrieve LastPass Authenticator codes from the Pebble
  • Set Marker for 'where's my car functionality'

For those of you not familiar with SWC, the full list of available features are shown below.


  • Headless
  • NFC Tag activation of features
  • Minecraft administration features (requires a Minecraft server with the MCJSONAPI Mod)
  • French and German Localisation
  • Customised Location Markers
  • GeoLocational Reminders
  • Custom LED colours
  • Custom Alarm sounds
  • 3 and & Day Weather Forecasts
  • Current Weather Report
  • London Underground Tube Line Alerts
  • RSS News information
  • Multiple provider Authenticator codes
  • Bitcoin/Litecoin Quotes
  • Multiple Stock Quotes
  • Precise location fix information as Address or GPS
  • Rich BlackBerry® Social Interaction Features

Smart Watch companion is compatible with BlackBerry 10 and is $2.99 to purchase. Please note that it does require the installation of Talk2Watch Pro in order for certain features to work properly.

If you are not seeing the update, it may be taking a bit to populate all areas of BlackBerry World, but should be showing for most folks.

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