Ditto for BlackBerry is a very cool app that turns your device into an "SMS chat room". If you have a number of friends who haven't made the jump to BlackBerry and thus can't take advantage of BBM, Ditto may be worth a shot. The app allows you to add multiple contacts to a group chat, tag them as either a listener, speaker or both, and fire off an SMS to start a conversation. This lets you choose who can read the messages as well as who can reply. This is a great little tool for setting up your night out, messaging your employees and coworkers, or just having a chat with your friends and family. Once the chat is setup, the participants receive an alert via SMS, and you're up and running. Use Ditto to send off your SMS, and from there all of the participants will receive the message. When a message is received, a user simply replies to the message and it is sent out to all the people in the conversation. All in all a very cool app for cross-platform messaging that is sure to have tons of uses. Shoutout to Jane rocking that sweet 8700 in the video. Ditto sells for $2.99 and is available from BlackBerry App World. Check out the link below for more information.

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