In the CrackBerry forums we typically hear about users switching to BlackBerry from iPhone or Android and not so much Windows phone, but one of our new members beachhoppr did just that. In what is nearly a live blog of his first few days with the BlackBerry Z10, beachhoppr has given a play-by-play of his pros and cons with the Z10 as compared to Windows Phone (most recently the Lumia 810). 

I really enjoyed reading over the thread both for the posts from beachhoppr learning all about BlackBerry 10 and for all of the awesome CB members that are jumping in to help out and offer up tips for a brand new user. 

Love this phone! Wife unhappy with my obsessionbeachhoppr, CB Member

So far beachhoppr has fallen in love and has a slight Z10 obsession - and we wouldn't expect any less.  He loves the Active Frames, Hub and overall speed and has already begun sideloading a ton of apps, noting BlackBerry has WP killed in this category!

He has also made a few comparisons to Windows Phone thus far.

Comparisons so far:

  • Keyboard goes to BB
  • Hub goes to BB! Love this
  • Camera speed goes to BB
  • Battery life still under test
  • Screen tied
  • Intuitiveness gotta give it to WP out of the box
  • Apps WP wins at the moment
  • Live tiles vs Active frames...gotta go with live tiles
  • Style...ooh I dig the utilitarian BlackBerry form factor
  • Navigation goes to WP...only 2 screens to deal with
  • Speed...phew...BlackBerry by a hair
ok just discovered peek and compact sidebar! awesome!beachhoppr, CB Member

In his first post if the thread he asked, "Am I a crazy person??" We can assure you beachhoppr that the only crazy thing is that you didn't switch sooner. It's always a tough decsision when it comes to picking the device that's best for you, and while you've obviously been through quite a few devices over the years, we're more than happy to have you on Team BlackBerry. 

We'll take any and all BlackBerry lovers here - not matter what device you've come from. We especially love fans as excited as you are. So welcome to CrackBerry!

If you want to join in and help out with some tips, be sure to hit up the forums thread below.

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