There are a handful of apps that one can use to discover local 'tourist' spots or points of interest, usually through the use of your geolocation and a map. How about discovering those places through photos shared by others? That's just what Proximity Photos lets you do. It pulls publicly shared photos through Flickr, as taken by other people and you never know, you might just discover somewhere or something you didn't know existed in your area. As I discovered while using the app.

Upon opening the app, by default it will use your location to pull the photos. Just select a photo to view more information, if any, as well as see the location it was taken on a map. From there you tap Navigate on the bottom and it will launch BlackBerry Maps to give you directions. BeMaps Pro can be used instead, just change this option in the app Settings. You can also add the location to Favorites for future reference.

Proximity Photos screenshot sample

Proximity Photos also adds the ability to save photos you may find interesting. What's more is you don't have to be confined to just searching within your currently location, there is an option to search other locations too. So, if you're planning to visit places you can see little nooks that people have discovered and you can save them, ready to use once you're there.

It's a great little app that helped me discover something I didn't know about. It comes from a developer we're very familiar with - Sven Ziegler - creator of ReadItNow! and more. Proximity Photos is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and costs $0.99.

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