Ready to stop dreaming about creating your own success and start making things happen? Whether you are looking to put yourself in a better finacial position with some investments or want to ace a new job interview, you'll need some training to get you where you want to be. Generally, making money costs money, and if you don't have much to start it can be daunting. Luckily, it doesn't always have to be.

Stop dreaming and start doing with this great Investment Banking Training Bundle which includes access to more than 500 hours of video, personalized certifications and much more. Don't think that where you are in your life or career is as far as you can go, because this one-time purchase can easily help you push forward and move to the next level.

The bundle has five different parts which include:

  • Part 1: Investment Banking Training (26 Courses, 150+ Hours)
    • Study basic operations & core skills such as: analyst accounting, valuations, public comps, discounted cash flows, IPO modeling & more
  • Part 2: Advanced Investment Banking Modeling Training (20 Courses, 150+ Hours)
    • Master the art of financial modeling
    • Study 20 different financial models, including: FMCG sector, IT Sector, Oil & Gas Sector, Banking Sector, Media Sector, Pharma Sector, etc.
  • Part 3: Investment Banking Add-ons (13 Courses, 70+ Hours)
    • Gain a complete knowledge of the banking & finance sector
    • Learn banking functionalities, debt markets basics, concepts of technical analysis, portfolio management, etc.
  • Part 4: Investment Banking Foundation Courses (23 Courses, 100+ Hours)
    • Take courses on basic to advanced Excel, PowerPoint & Microsoft Word
    • Automate repetitive & mundane tasks w/ included Visual Basic / VBAs & Macros
  • Part 5: Soft Skills for Investment Bankers (17 Courses, 40+ Hours)
    • Become an excellent communicator & shrewd negotiator

All of this great information, the 99 courses, the 500 plus hours of content and more can be yours right now for a fraction of the regular price. Normally, this bundle would set you back $1,500 but right now you can pay a small portion of that. The skills you need are within reach here, you just have to take the first step in making this purchase.

Right now you can get all of it for only $39, which is an absolute bargain. Don't wait too long and get stuck paying the higher rate.

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