It's a dog-eat-dog world out there. It can be hard to build yourself a solid career if you're not constantly improving your resume and updating your skills. The ability to prove to your employer that you're constantly improving your professional skillset may even lead to raises, new responsibilities and promotion considerations.

One area of expertise that transcends most industries and career fields is project management. Taking the lead on a major project requires a whole lot of time and resource management skills, to maximize efficiency and limit wasted time and effort. But before you can establish yourself as the go-to project manager at your workplace, you'll need to learn the best strategies for success.

Typically this would mean going to some business conference and sitting through over-priced seminars, but there's a better way.

From CrackBerry Digital Offers, take advantage of this deal and build your skills with top-notch Lean Six Sigma project manager courses and certifications for just $79.

If you've never heard of it, Six Sigma is a statistically-driven methodology for streamlining and improving processes within large projects, whether they relate to manufacturing products or providing services. Major corporations such as General Electric use Six Stigma to ensure the quality of their products and services. The more knowledgeable you become with these skills and techniques, the more valuable you may be within your organization.

There's 37 hours worth of course materials here, which you'll be able to access online and refer back to for nearly two years. The methodology is taught using 100 real world examples from various industries and tests your knowledge with 86 end of chapter quizzes, four Six Sigma Green Belt Simulation Exams and 3 Lean Management Simulation Exams.

It's worth noting that this package is only for educational purposes, and you'll need to apply to take your International Association for Six Sigma Certification exam, and there is an extra fee associated with that. But considering a comprehensive training package like this would traditionally cost over $2000, you'll only pay a fraction of that full cost with this limited-time offer passing along 96% savings to you, our valued reader.

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