Homeland episode screenshot

If you're a fan of Homeland on Showtime, the latest episode that aired on Sunday brought forth some interesting turns, but as I watched, I couldn't help but notice the product placement that was used here. Among the unidentifiable Android slabs and iPhones made to not look like iPhones so much, there were some new placements.

In several key scenes throughout the episode, the BlackBerry KEYone stood out to me and apparently, plenty of other CrackBerry readers as well. Might sound silly getting excited over something as small as a product placement, but considering most BlackBerry smartphones showed off in shows these days are almost always relics of the past running BBOS, it's nice to see a KEYone or three appear.

Hopefully, BlackBerry Mobile will keep working on getting the devices airtime through product placement. I don't care what anyone says, there's still lots of work to be done by way of education to let folks know NEW BlackBerry smartphones exist, and if product placement helps in even the slightest, it's worth it.

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