BlackBerry 10 Jam

With most of the media on location in Orlando last week focused on BlackBerry World, the BlackBerry 10 Jam that was also being held flew a bit under the radar. The developers we did bump into last week only had positive things to say about event, which is pretty awesome (I was kind of shocked). It makes us want to know even more so we can help spread the word.

If you're a developer and attended the BlackBerry 10 Jam in Orlando, we want to hear from you! Give us your honest take of everything: the event, the keynote, the sessions, the announcements, the dev tools, the opportunities, the challenges, the selection of ice cream in the cooler in the Jam Space. We want to hear it all. We'd like to do a solid round up post for the BlackBerry 10 Jam (like we did for BlackBerry World) but to make it good, we need your insight! You can send your email to [email protected].

Also, we're planning on running a series of BlackBerry Dev related video podcasts here on CrackBerry in the weeks and months ahead. If you're a developer interested in joining us for that type of a discussion, let us know and we'll follow up with more details. 

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