I'm a huge fan of Dicota and all their Built for BlackBerry accessories. I've shown off several of their cases and have never had any qualms about recommending them to anyone. The quality of Dicota's products are phenomenal. The Lid Cradle for the BlackBerry 9900/30 is no exception. It provides great protection for both the front and back of the device as well as covering all sides and buttons.

The Dicota Lid Cradle is a great alternative for those who want the front of their device protected as well as the back and sides. The case itself is made of sturdy TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) while the lid is made of high quality leather. The case part is available in different colors depending on your device model (black or purple for most and black or blue for the 9350/60). The lid is black leather on all of them. It's available for following BlackBerry devices: 9900/30, 9850/60, and the 9350/60.


The Good

Quality construction, durable and affordable. The leather lid gives it a more sophisticated look versus a plain TPUcase. Both the front and back of your device are covered from bumps and scratches.

The Bad

The TPU had to be stretched and pulled to fit correctly on my 9930. After a day or so, it fit perfectly.Same with the leather lid, needed to be opened and closed while the device was in it to stretch the case out a bit and allow for quicker closing.


I really like this case. I slip my device in the side pocket of my purse with my car keys. I've often worried about scratching the screen but this case keeps it safe from sharp objects. It's easy enough to remove for charging on a cradle and still fits nicely in my car docking unit.


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