If you a Diaree user, you're going to want to load up BlackBerry World and grab the latest update. We took a deep look at Diaree in the past but the latest update changes things up, a lot. For one, the app has been rebranded to something a little bit more appealing. Diaree shall from here on out, be known as Candid.

A name that not only sounds better but also fits how people are intended to use the app. Candid is a completely anonymous service in that no one can identify you within the app. All of your interactions, including comments, likes, and favourites, as well as your personal diary entries, remain completely anonymous and cannot be linked back to you.

  • Write - Record what's happening in your life, day-to-day. It could be anything – a thought, a story, or something interesting that happened to you that day. Personalize and enhance each of your posts by attaching an image or photo of your choosing.

  • Share - Shared entries show up in the public "feed". You choose whether your entries are kept private or shared openly with the community. There are no names, profiles, or identities associated with entries, so your identity will always remain a secret.

  • Connect - Connect and create meaningful conversations with others. Receive feedback on your posts, including user-based advice, encouragement, and support. React to what is unfolding in the community, by liking, favoriting, or commenting on other entries.

So, what's changed in the app besides the name? Well, it's got a fresh new design that was created with user experience in mind. It now has Hub integration so you can see notifications there and filtering out content has been made easier. You can view by trending, Top Daily, Top Weekly and even Top Monthly posts and probably the biggest change in terms of use, users can now post three items daily instead of just one.

Best of all, Candid is available as a free download and it's a beautiful app. Indeed, it's not something that is going to be for everyone but if you're looking for an anonymous outlet to vent some frustrations, this is the app to do it. Have something you can't tell anyone but still feel the need to get it out? This is the app do it and remain anonymous. In short, it's a fun and beautiful app and you lose nothing by giving it a go.