Diamond Wonderland HD comes to the BlackBerry PlayBook and best of all it is free. Sure, we are not short of gem style puzzle games but this is certainly one of the best I have played.

There are a few different versions of the game within the game - such as Quest, Classic, Time and Endless - all testing your skills and spicing things up on the variation front.

The colours, graphics and sounds within the game are superb and if you own a PlayBook and like this style of game then downloading Diamond Wonderland HD is a must. What are you waiting for? Grab it now, it's free!

Feature of the game include:

  • Brilliant HD graphics
  • Simple and smooth gameplay, good sound effect.
  • Fantastic story: in quest mode, you will play as great adventurer Farrel who went into Narsk World, play through the game to see what happened there.
  • Four game modes: quest, classic, time and endless.
  • Nine kinds of gameplay in endless mode: river, freeze, explore, paint, bug, digging, destroy, bomb and collect. 

More information/Download Diamond Wonderland HD for the BlackBerry PlayBook