BlackBerry Driftwood
it's just a sunglass cleaning cloth over a Storm... don't get too excited! :-)

There's nothing like fresh BlackBerry device rumors to get the community revved up for the week! Yesterday afternoon BGR posted info they received on a few of RIM's upcoming BlackBerry 9000 series devices. While the "Onyx" and "Magnum" names are not new to the blogs, the "Driftwood" name is, and based on the similar specs between Magnum and Driftwood BG figures it likely is the the same device as the Magnum but with a different carrier in mind. All three devices sport 3G and QWERTY keyboards, but no specific details on form factor are listed in these confirmed specs (previously has been rumored that Onyx is a 3G Pearl Flip and Magnum is a Full Qwerty + Touchscreen with a 8900-like form factor). You can jump over for the feature breakdown.

Other notable rumors stated in the post:

  • We learned that RIM might be slowly refreshing the Bold with a UMA-capable version  
  • Remember the BlackBerry Gemini? Well, it seems as if that's not just one device, but rather an entire line of devices.

NICE. Definitely a good load of rumors to kick off the BlackBerry week. Be sure to jump over to BGR for the full details. And you know we'll be getting these devices up for hands-on review just as soon as we can. Stay tuned!