Developers slash app prices for Cyber Monday

Now that Black Friday is over, it's now time for Cyber Monday deals. For today only, a handful of developers have cut some of their app prices. If you have been eyeing any of the apps on offer, then you better snap them up with these bargain prices. There are many apps on offer from a variety of developers, whom we love. There are popular apps in the list and you may have them already but some developers do have more than one app discounted. If it's a developer you love, why not buy them all? There's definitely a few on the list that I'll be purchasing today.

QtHelex apps

All QTHelex apps below have been discounted to $0.99 for Cyber Monday. If you're interested in the Pushbullet related apps, you might be better off buying the App Bundle from QTHelex.


Brian Scheirer

Sven Ziegler

Toysoft Development

All Toysoft apps listed are priced at $0.99 for today.

Marco Bavagnoli

All apps below have been slashed down by 50%. For today only, you can get them for $0.99.


These two apps below have also been discounted by 50%, buy them today for $0.99

Marco Gallo

The Cyber Monday prices for Marco Gallo's apps have been individually marked below.


That's a lot of app and games to choose from and as you can see, there are some great developers taking part in this Cyber Monday sale. Don't forget, these prices are for today only. Don't miss out!