BlackBerry 10 icons

If you're busy building a BlackBerry 10 app, you're no doubt on the hunt looking for some icons to use as well. The folks over at Myers Design have just want you need to get started if all you need are some basic ones that follow the current BlackBerry 10 UI guidelines. They've created a set of 100 icons in both dark and light styling to help accelerate your app development.

These icons have been carefully created to match the current BB10 UI guidelines. In particular, this a set of "large" (81 x 81px) icons which are ideally suited to all kinds of menus: top, context, tabs, and actionbar. In coming weeks, we intend to grow this set - as well as publish other glyphs/sizes for the rest of the UI.

Obtaining the files is easy. Just head on over to their site, sign up for their newsletter and you'll be sent a download link with the icons. They just want to keep track of how many developers are making use of the files and promise no spam. It's that easy and you'll have some nice icons to make use of.

Learn more / download the BlackBerry 10 icons