BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

While it's certainly not the most exciting news for folks waiting for BlackBerry 10, it's certainly important for BlackBerry developers and web designers. The BlackBerry 10 user agent string is now available for those who have to be mindful of it. The user agent string is used to identify the devices when hitting a website among other things, so for example: When you visit a site it serves you up the mobile version vs. the full website:

Mozilla/5.0 (BB10; <Device Model>) AppleWebKit/<WebKit Version> (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/<BB Version #> Mobile Safari/<WebKit Version>

Interestingly enough, RIM made changes to WebKit just a few hours ago to reflect the new BlackBerry 10 user agent however, they were smart enough to leave out any device 'names'. They did have a little fun with it though by adjusting the OS version slightly. Hit the WebKit link below to see what they assigned it or the Dev Blog link to learn more.

Source: Dev Blog, WebKit Change Log