CrackBerry Podcast Episode 040: Best CrackBerry Podcast Ever!

The first day of the BlackBerry Developer Conference had us going from early morning till late at night, but just before the evening reception kicked off we had a chance to sit down for an interiew with Chris Smith from Research in Motion. Chris' title is Sr. Director, BlackBerry Development Platform, which means a WHOLE BUNCH of major software responsibilities fall on his plate.

For all of our faithful CrackBerry readers out there, THIS IS THE PODCAST YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO. We cover a LOT of topics here.... all the hot issues and topics that pop up in the forums daily - the web browser, OS 5.0, app memory, and WAYYY more.  It's about 32 minutes. Take a listen. Enjoy the show!!

Listen to our Interview with Chris Smith, Sr. Director, BlackBerry Development Platform



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