FINALLY!!!! SUCCESS! I FINALLLLLLLY have a BlackBerry Storm in my hands!

Sorry for the lack of posts folks, but the schedule here at the BlackBerry Developer Conference has left little time to sit down and actually write, and today is going to be even busier than yesterday! We'll be kicking up the live blog for this morning's general sessions (8:15am PST) though, so you'll want to stay tuned for more. 

Day 1 Observations/Highlights

  • Great turnout! Over 900 people in attendance, and it's a solid breakdown between new developers, existing BlackBerry ISVs (independent software vendors, RIM folk and guys like me. The sessions I have popped my head into have been packed, and the content is ranging from the basic level to advanced - definitely seems like everyone is getting a lot of value out of being here.
  • Right before heading into last night's general session, I FINALLY GOT TO HOLD A BLACKBERRY STORM!!! I spent nearly an hour with the device and have a lot to report back with (and will spend more time with it today so if you have any specific questions let me know in the comments). I'd blog it up now but need more time to get all of my thoughts out concisely. There won't be a video (booo!), but I promise to do it up good. Sorry to keep you hanging for now. Initial Verdict? I WANT ONE TWO!!!
  • BBCool 15 Event was Solid! Congrats to Nobex Radio Companion for taking the big win and to everyone who came out. Good job Doug!
  • BlackBerry Software is getting better. I saw more than a few apps yesterday that made me say to myself, "Wow... I had no idea that was possible on a BlackBerry."  I think that's a bit of theme here - for a lot of the devs in attendance their eyes are being opened to the possibilities of developing for BlackBerry. Expect to see a lot of cool apps coming out in the months ahead.
  • RIM IS BLOGGING!!!! WTF?! Pretty Awesome. Tune into and you can basically catch the blow by blow of everything that's going on. I'm going to be doing a lot of in-depth catch up blogs once I get home from the event, but you should definitely check out the DevCon blogs to get your quick fix!
  • The people here are awesome!!
Stay tuned for a lot more over the hours and days ahead... and after the jump you can check out a few more shots from yesterday!

A Few DevCon Day 1 Images 

I think RIM could make a FORTUNE selling these to CrackBerry Nation


Seeing the Zeemote in action. TOTALLY AWESOME.


Mike Kirkup on Stage talking BlackBerry - RIM is making web browsing the
second pillar of the BlackBerry. Sweet!


Party/Showcase Tent - BlackBerry Storms inside!

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