Despicable Me: Minion rush is now available for BlackBerry 10 devices, and if you're already addicted you're probably looking for ways to maximize your efforts. We've compiled a list of the best tips, tricks and cheats for making your way through your runs collecting bananas, tokens and being the best minion you can be.

There are a few ways to make your runs even more awesome and we'll show you how. With a few quick tips and some fast fingers you can be a top-scorer in no time at all. 

Go Bananas!

Obviously one of the biggest parts of the game is collecting bananas, so don't be shy. Of course you'll try to collect them as you run, but keep in mind the more you get the better. Bananas can be used to buy power-ups in the shop such as the Freeze Ray, Fluffy Unicorn or Minion Shield, so having a large stockpile is never a bad thing.

Consider playing at times just to collect bananas while not worrying about other power-ups or getting to far. Just go in with the sole purpose of getting bananas to stock up. A few bananas go a long way.

Golden Banana

If you're not opposed to spending real money (gasp!) you can always grab the Golden Banana for $4.99 and make any bananas you collect worth double FOREVER. Technically it's not cheating. Technically.

Power Up!

Keep an eye on your available power-ups as they will help you get further and achieve a higher score. Some are relatively cheap and can help out a good deal. The Banana vacuum is one of my favorites as you can just worry about avoiding obstacles and let the vac suck up the bananas for you. The Banana Splitter is a close second. 

Disco Room

The Disco Room is a bit hidden but not too hard to find if you know what to look for. 

A bit into your run you'll see some bananas off the track to the right. If you catch it in time, swipe right and you'll jump onto the pipe and head into Gru's Disco Room. Here you'll find bananas all over the place (along with some funky tunes) that you can snatch up for a quick score. 



Costumes not only help you personalize your little dude but also give you some added bonuses. Each costume has a special ability that can really help out during your run. The only catch here is that some of the better ones are pretty damn expensive in game terms so you'll need a lot of tokens to get one. The lower one's are all bananas, but if you want to go big you'll need lots of tokens. Again, you can always spend some real cash to get more tokens if that's your thing.

Here's a breakdown of the costumes:


Gift Codes


You also have the option to enter gift codes to unlock certain perks. You can do this from the Options screen by tapping the gift box in the top right corner. Enter the codes below to unlock the perks.

  • 5 Score Perks - Maid + Dancer + Baby
  • Free Referee Costume - Baby + Fireman + Dancer
  • Kung Fu Taunt - Fireman + Golf + Classic
  • Laughing Taunt - Golfer + Baby + Dad
  • 5 Banana Perks - Dancer + Dad + Firefighter


That's about it! If you have any other great tips or tricks for Despicable Me: Minion Rush, be sure to leave them in the comments below.

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