BlackBerry Desktop Manager for PC... just need it for Mac now
Desktop Manager for PC (pictured) supports the PlayBook... Mac support coming this summer

One of the questions that has been popping up a lot in our BlackBerry PlayBook Forum is in regards to BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac support. As it stands now, if you have Desktop Manager for Mac installed and plug in your PlayBook, nothing happens. It doesn't recognize the device. The reason for this of course, is that DM for Mac currently doesn't support it. We reached out to RIM for an estimated timeline on when Desktop Manager for Mac will get PlayBook support, and were told:

Desktop Manager for Mac will be available this summer. 

Of course, this doesn't mean that Mac users are left high and dry. Upon connecting a PlayBook to a Mac via microUSB cable for the first time, you'll be prompted to install drivers onto your Mac. Once installed, your PlayBook will appear as a network drive and you can easily drag and drop to transfer your pictures, movies, documents and other files onto the PlayBook. You can even transfer files via WiFi. So you can survive without worries without Desktop Manager, but for those of you waiting on Desktop Manager for Mac support, you now have a better idea of when it's coming.

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