Desktop Manager for BlackBerry with Tethered Modem Support

Looks like we're kicking off the week with some BlackBerry Desktop Manager news. First, lets talk about the image above. What you're looking at is BlackBerry Desktop Manager version (not currently available) which shows off a new icon that adds an exciting feature to the desktop software - IP Modem (also in .16). The new feature allows you to easily setup your BlackBerry so you can tether it as a modem to your laptop. Be aware of your carrier's tethering charges. Also displayed is a new icon Email Settings that will allow you to create filters or change email forwarding right from your desktop. 

While Desktop Manager software is not available yet, over the weekend version leaked onto the interwebs for all to enjoy by our German friends at benezblog. This version may not be the latest and greatest out there, but does include the new IP Modem feature. You can follow the links below to download.