PlayBook Gmail Multiple Calendars

Back in February, I showed you how to add multiple Gmail calendars to your BlackBerry PlayBook. I've gotten a few requests since then on how to remove them so I thought I'd share the solution.

The process itself actually only takes a minute or two and is quite easy. If you do not still have the User Agent Switcher Add-On installed on your computer, you'll need to reinstall it to make this work. You'll follow some of the same instructions as in the previous post. The trick comes in once you've unchecked all the calendars you no longer want. Keep reading to see how to remove those unwanted calendars once and for all.

UA Switcher
  • Once the User Agent Switcher has been installed, close and restart Firefox (or Chrome).
  • Open Google and login to your account.
  • Go to Tools and use the UA Switcher to select iPhone 3.0 (Chrome users will select iPhone 4) as shown in the picture above.
Mobile Sync Page

  • In your web browser, go to and you should see PlayBook listed like the picture above.
Disable Javascript

  • If you do not seePlayBook listed, check to make sure your UA Switcher is on iPhone 3 (or 4) and try closing your browser or refreshing.
  • Now select Tools > Options > Content (Mac users Edit > Preferences > Content) and disable Javascript by unchecking the box.
Change False to True
  • Once you have disabled Javascript, select PlayBook on the Mobile Sync page.
  • You will see a screen like the one above with NO calendar options. In the browser address bar change the word "false" to the word "true" and then refresh the page.
Calendar Options
  • The page should now show all your calendars like the pic above. Simply uncheck the calendars you no longer want to see and then hit the save button.
  • Once you see a message saying all settings have changed, you can reset your browser settings and you're all set!

Here's where the trick comes in. In order to make the calendar list update on your PlayBook, you will need to delete the Gmail account off of your PlayBook and then re-add it. Once you've completed that swipe down from the top of the bezel and you should only see the calendars you checked (plus the PlayBook local) in your list.

Hope this helped a few of you out and make sure to leave any other Calendar application tips and tricks in the comments below!

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