's Holiday Gift Guides

Seriously, it's December 1st already. I can't believe how 2009 has flown by. With the change of month the holiday season is officially upon us (it actually started snowing just a few minutes ago as I look out the window while typing this) which means if you haven't yet, it's time to start thinking holidays and buying gifts for your friends, colleagues and special loved-ones.

For the BlackBerry users in your life (or for yourself if you just want a gift you know you'll love!), might I suggest what I suggest every December - BlackBerry gifts!! To have some fun and give some insight into items you may not have thought of previously, over the next week or so we'll run a series of gift guides here on the blogs, written by volunteers from our CrackBerry forum moderators and twelpers team. The guides will cover both accessories and apps (though it is a little tricky to stick an app in a stocking - trust me, I've tried) for a wide range of BlackBerry-using folks.

Stay tuned for the BlackBerry gift guide fun, and in the meantime on behalf of myself and the whole team, may we wish you an early Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus (for the rest of us!), Season's Greetings and make it a safe and holiday season and CrackBerry New Year! :)

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