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DecalGirl skins provide stylish protection against scratches and fingerprints while letting you have fun with non-permanant customization.

In Short:
Great quality graphic decals for all kinds of devices. 

Should I Buy?
If you want to give your device a new look while protecting it from scratches, yes.
Most people choose to protect their BlackBerry in one way or another, whether it be with a case, a pouch, or even just a simple screen protector. Another way to keep your device fingerprint and scratch free is with a skin. Skins are typically available in a wide range of designs, from very colorful patterns and pictures to simple designs that are more on the conservative side. There are several companies that specialize in decals for mobile devices, but one that has probably been around the longest is DecalGirl.

Founded in 2003 by a husband and wife team, DecalGirl is now a company of 30+ people providing custom decals for more devices than I can count. This includes not only smartphones of all makes and models, but game consoles, computers, eReaders, MP3 players, and more. There are likely thousands of designs to choose from, each of which is available on all supported devices. You can even create your own custom skin from your original pictures, artwork, or logo. (Nothing copyrighted of course unless you have the rights to it!)

DecalGirlNo added bulk so you can still use your other accessories as normal!
Based out of Delaware, each skin is printed in full-color with UV resistant inks on automotive-grade cast vinyl. This premium material is really strong but also thin so you can still use charging cradles, docks, and cases while the skin is on your device. As each skin DecalGirl makes has a special adhesive backing, you are able to apply it to your device without heat or water, and air bubbles and sticky residue are a thing of the past.
DecalGirl Carniverous BouquetCustom cut pieces ensure a perfect fit.
I had the opportunity to try out a DecalGirl skin on my BlackBerry Bold 9900. In fact, I applied the skin to my BlackBerry back towards the end of April, and here it is four months later and I still have the skin on my phone. I chose a design called Carnivorous Bouquet by Jasmine Becket-Griffith, and when it arrived I was very pleased by the quality of the skin. The colors were bright, the pattern was cut well and the glossy finish of the skin was nice without being super shiny looking.

Following the advice on the packaging, I wiped down my phone so it was dust and fingerprint free and then applied each piece. I started at the back, applying the battery door and camera sections first. The pieces fit perfectly, and I had no trouble getting them on straight. The next section was the the piece around the back of the phone, and it was a bit harder to put on. Luckily you can reposition it as necessary so with a little perseverance I was able to get it on pretty evenly around the curves. The small sections on the front of my phone didn't give me any problems, but when I got to the last bit I did struggle a bit getting it on straight. This was the part that covers the top above the screen and around the screen. I think to a casual observer the application looks fine, though I can see where a bit of the decal is a bit wobbly.
DecalGirl Free matching wallpaper completes the look.

The whole process only took a few minutes and since you don't use a liquid to apply the decal it's ready to use right away. No leaving your device off for 24 hours for fear of damage to the internals. If you plan to use a screen protector with the decal, you can do so, as long as you have it on your screen before you apply the decal. And speaking of your screen, DecalGirl provides a free wallpaper to download that matches your skin perfectly to provide you with a complete look.

DecalGirlThe decals have vibrant colors and stand up to months of use.
As I said, I've had this product from DecalGirl on my BlackBerry for about 4 months now, and it still looks really good! All of the edges are firmly stuck down, with nothing peeling off or sliding around. For the most part, the finish is still glossy as when it was new. There are superficial scratches on sections you would expect to find them, but you can only see them if you're looking for them or in certain lighting. And if you think about it, wouldn't you rather your decal take the abuse than your device?

A skin provides a different kind of protection for your device than a case so obviously you're not going to have that security against dents and such if you drop your phone. However, if you want a stylish way to protect your device against scratches and fingerprints, decals are a great option. DecalGirl provides thousands of designs to choose from for hundreds of different devices, and offers the ability to design your own skin.

Whether your device is brand new and you want to keep it from getting scratches, or it's old and scratched already and you're looking to give it some new life, DecalGirl likely has a design to suit your taste. BlackBerry skins from DecalGirl range in price from $9.99 for smartphone to $14.99 for the BlackBerry PlayBook. You can check out their full selection at the link below! Of course, if putting something so colorful on your device is just not your style, ShopCrackBerry has a great selection of clear and carbon fiber patterned skins that will add that extra layer of protection in a more subtle fashion.

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The Bottom Line

Customizing your BlackBerry or other device can be a fun way to keep it in good condition, or to bring new life to a device that's already scratched. Decals are inexpensive and great if you don't want to invest in a case.

Of course, if putting something so colorful on your device is just not your style but the idea of a skin appeals to you, ShopCrackBerry has a great selection of clear and carbon fiber patterned skins that will add that extra layer of protection in a more subtle fashion.

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