To win a free BlackBerry 10 phone from, Deborah St. Pierre told us she would "do a BlackBerry-inspired bikini photoshoot". That immediately caught our attention. Longtime readers of CrackBerry will of course remember this Bikini + BlackBerry post that went into the CracKBerry history books as an all-time favorite. And even longer-time readers of CrackBerry will remember the epic-ness of our last What Would You Do contest, where we saw scantily clad pudding wrestling action take place in Times Square. Always wanting to up the CrackBerry ante, we declared Deborah a winner based on her entry submission and followed up with her to see how she wanted to execute on it.

Debbie let us know she's a BIG FAN of both BlackBerry and CrackBerry. And when we found out she lived in Miami, we put her in touch with our good friends at Capture Fashion to work with her to pull together the photo shoot. Check out the video above and the spread of photos below.

With BlackBerry 10 just around the corner, we didn't want to put any old BlackBerry Smartphones into the photos, so instead Deborah opted for BlackBerry, the fruit. But Deborah promised if everybody keeps the comments civil and positive and she gets lots of likes on the Youtube video, that she'll follow up with another BlackBerry photo shoot -- next time with her BlackBerry Z10 in hand. 


If you want to tell Deborah St. Pierre how much you loved the photo shoot, beyond dropping a comment here you can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Thanks again go to our friends at Capture Fashion for helping Deborah pull off the shoot - they're big fans of CrackBerry and Mobile Nations too and did all of the photography, shooting and editing for free. They hope you enjoy it!