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A PlayStation game is now available for your Apple devices. Death Stranding launched today for iPhone 15 Pro and Max, M-series iPads, and certain Mac computers.

Death Stranding first came to PlayStation 4 and 5 in 2019. The Director's Cut was released in 2022, and that version is now available on Apple devices.

PlayStation version of Death Stranding Director's Cut Trailer

The original game has fantastic voice acting and amazing visuals (while gameplay, at times, became a bit tedious as you traversed the open world map delivering and picking up items from various locations). The Director's Cut does expand on the story slightly and adds new locations to explore.

Gaming on iPhone

You'll find a list of compatible Apple devices in our article here. Having the flexibility to play this game on the go with iPhone 15 Pro and Max is exciting. Ever since Apple announced the A17 chip with its advanced GPU in September of 2023, it repositioned Apple's position in the gaming market.

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Previously, the company seemed more focused on pick-up-and-play games, with a few more involved titles being included in their Apple Arcade service. But now, thanks to the power that can be harnassed through the new iPhone 15 Pro models, there are new possibilities for game play which previously only would have been available on a dedicated gaming console.

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If you are serious about iPhone gaming, then we have some suggestions for iPhone gaming controllers to further enhance the experience. While on-screen controls are okay on iPhone 15 Pro Max, it's nice to not have your thumbs blocking the bulk of the action.

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Death Stranding Diretors Cut Hero

Death Stranding Director's Cut

Death Stranding Director's Cut launched on Apple devices January 30th, 2024. It's available on certain iPhone, iPad, and Mac models. The Director's Cut adds additional areas to explore, expands the storyline, and introduces new items.

With Death Stranding Director's Cut releasing on iPhone 15 Pro and Max the selection of quality games available to enjoy on mobile continues to grow. The next big game to come to iPhone 15 Pro and Max in 2024 will be Assassin's Creed Mirage, which dropped on consoles in October of 2023. How soon we will get to play on Apple devices is still unknown, but hopefully more developers choose to start harnessing the power of iPhone 15 Pro and Max to bring more portable gameplay options to gamers.

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