We're Not Nuts David!
BlackBerry Nation Still Loves you David. Have a Big CrackBerry Hug!
(image via Gizmodo's Make David Pogue Look Cool Contest)

The odds are if you are reading this you already know the deal. If not, here's a quick recap. On November 26, New York Times' gadget writing dude David Pogue reviewed the BlackBerry Storm, where he basically slammed RIM's first touchscreen BlackBerry. A few you of agreed with every word he wrote. Some of you agreed with a few of his points, but thought he was overly harsh (especially considering a software update was just around the corner). And some of you... well, you thought David was completely out of whack and let him know about it. Some of the criticism was highly constructive (read CIO's article BlackBerry Storm Blasted by David Pogue: Why NYTime Storm Review is a "Dud") while many others took the BlackBerry-addicted approach and let David have it via email (us BlackBerry users are damn good with email!). The overall response was so overwhelming to his review that David followed up with an article on Thursday showcasing some of the reader reactions

In his follow-up article, Pogue makes note that he learned something from his BlackBerry Storm Review experience:

For years, tech critics like me have occasionally endured abuse from the Cult of Mac. If you write anything that even hints at a less-than-perfect Apple effort (like my reviews of, for example, the original Apple TV, iMovie ‘08 or MobileMe), the backlash is swift, vitriolic and heated. We're talking insults, vulgarities and even threats. I've always thought that that vocal sub-population of Mac fans make up the world's most watchful, most hostile grass-roots lobbying arm.

But now I see that I was wrong. There's an even nastier one: the BlackBerry nuts.

It surprised me that David didn't realize before this just how passionate and loyal the BlackBerry Community is. Look no further than CrackBerry.com as an example of that! Check out the What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest... now that's passion!!

The BlackBerry Storm is a controversial device, there's no doubt about that. All of the pre-release reviews prior to the launch of the Storm revealed this would be the case - the SurePress keyboard was something people were either going to love or hate. If you want to know the breakdown of how it's playing out, be sure to visit our Loving or Hating on the BlackBerry Storm thread, where you can cast your vote. But now that an OS update has been released for the Storm, I don't think anybody will deny that the device software the Storm went to market with wasn't quite ready for primetime.

If you're reading this David, be sure to update your Storm's OS this weekend and re-visit your BlackBerry Storm review. Maybe some of your blows will land a little more softly in Round 2. And if none of your opinions have changed, well, to each his own. I can't guarantee you won't receive some harsh emails, but I'll at least put out the request to CrackBerry Nation to take it easy on you. We're lovers, not haters! And besides, you'll be reviewing the BlackBerry Curve 8900 soon and I have no doubt you'll proclaim that to be the best non-3G front facing full QWERTY smartphone in existence. 

Oh, and one last thing. We are not NUTS. We ARE CRACKBERRIES!!