Dear Berry Dear Berry,

I am writing to tell you more of a story than asking advice. This is hard for me to understand. Maybe you can explain it to me.

I was just out of town and taking a tour on a trolley. A guy came to a screeching halt almost hitting our trolley head-on. Not only was he speeding like crazy, he was wearing a neck brace and yes, typing on his Blackberry. Some people obviously NEVER learn. I don't object to the Blackberry as a productive and/or even a fun device. However, people like this can seriously hurt others. It's become like drinking and driving. Can you understand this person or others who are similar? It seems to me extremely selfish!!!


- Confused

Dear "Confused",

I have no explanation at all for this person unfortunately. He obviously has not learned his lesson in any of the situations he has been in. Also, my guess is that he won't learn his lesson in the future unless something happens that is out of the ordinary.

As for others, I know people who are trying harder to stop themselves from using their Blackberrys while driving. But even so, there is the addictive "itch" to look for the red blinking light. I believe people are finding it easier to cease from typing while driving however, avoiding reading the messages are another story and is harder.

Be careful on the road and for everyone, stay away from cars if you see someone typing!

Be safe,

- Berry

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